Dr. Daniel Pipes – Head of Middle East Forum

Mar 21, 2010

To whom it may concern,


I endorse Dr. Martin Sherman’s initiative to establish a new policy center within the framework of a university in Israel.


I have known him for close to twenty years and have published him several times in the Middle East Quarterly. During this time I have been impressed by his principled stances and have learned from his work, which shows intellectual integrity, analytical incisiveness, and insightful originality. In particular, Dr. Sherman has demonstrated courage in not capitulating to the dictates of political correctness rampant in Israeli universities.


Implementation of Dr. Sherman’s proposal would constitute a needed corrective to the bias that characterizes much of the academic work and policy proposals produced today on the Israel-Arab conflict. I expect that his organization will make a significant contribution to the public debate on Israel.


I have, accordingly, committed the Middle East Forum Education Fund to assist Dr. Sherman’s initiative…and I encourage all concerned with Israel’s well-being also to support his enterprise.



Daniel Pipes