Hanna-Leena Hemming Member of Parliament, Finland

Mar 21, 2010

To whom it may concern,


I have known Dr. Martin Sherman since 2005 when we met in India for a conference in Chandigarh and have remained in regular contact with him ever since.

During this time I have come to value Dr. Sherman’s views on the Middle East and in particular his perspective on the Israel-Arab conflict. As a European parliamentarian with an active interest in international affairs, I appreciate his extensive knowledge, perceptive insights and incisive analysis of current events in that region.

Indeed my exchanges with him have provided me with an insight into the problems in that part of the world and helped; me broaden my perception of the Middle East conflict. However, as I am not an academic expert in the field of International Relations in the Middle East, I refrain from evaluating the political contents of his arguments.

I have also been impressed with his courage to formulate bold positions that challenge conventional views.

For this reason I was pleased to hear of his intention to establish a new policy center within the existing academic establishment that would provide a platform of his activities and for airing of perspectives seldom encountered in the public and academic discourse today.

I applaud his initiative, wish him every success and urge generous support for it.


Yours sincerely,

Hanna-Leena Hemming

Member of Parliament