Abba Eban
(former israeli
foreign minister)

Zionism is nothing more;but also nothing less;than the Jewish people’s sense of origin and destination in the land linked eternally with its name. It is also the instrument whereby the Jewish nation seeks an authentic fulfillment of itself.


Fatah Constitution

Article 12
Goal: Complete liberation of Palestine, and eradication of Zionist economic, political and cultural existence.


Abba Eban

The question is at what point Arab nationalism, with its prodigious glut of advantage, wealth and opportunity, will come to terms with the modest but equal rights of another Middle Eastern nation to pursue its life in security and peace.


Fatah Constitution

Article 19
Armed struggle is a strategy and not a tactic, and the Palestinian Arab People's armed revolution is a decisive factor in the liberation fight and in uprooting the Zionist existence, and this struggle will not cease unless the Zionist state is demolished and Palestine is completely liberated.






























































































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Ynet news

Who Really Runs Israel
Martin Sherman explains why Israeli election results are often meaningless
( Date 04/21/2010 )

Rethinking Palestine
From the political to the humanitarian
(Date: 03/17/2010)

Setting the record straight
(Date: 11/08/09)

Why J Street jeopardizes Jews
J Street backs two-state vision without taking daunting outcome into account
( Date 10/27/2009,  Time 18:10 )

Netanyahus misguided vision
Israel needs leader willing to face Obama and say: No, you cant
( Date 07/08/2009,  Time 00:40 )

Nakba nonsense
Nakba commemoration unrelated to exercise of legitimate individual freedom
( Date 06/08/2009,  Time 00:53 )

If I were Netanyahu
Bibi must inform Obama Israel no shtetl that can be bullied into submission
( Date 05/12/2009,  Time 00:46 )

Ransom isnt the answer
Shalits release must be secured through penalties, rather than rewards
( Date 03/18/2009,  Time 00:35 )

A Reality Check
Israel suffered diplomatic defeat in Gaza, while Hamas emerged victorious
( Date 03/12/2009,  Time 17:54 )

The Geographic Imperative
Voters must keep in mind Israel's tiny dimensions when assessing parties platforms
( Date 02/05/2009,  Time 18:23 )

Obsessive or obtuse?
Martin Sherman offers response to what he views as insincere pro-disengagement argument
( Date 01/29/2009,  Time 11:16 )

Proportionality and hypocrisy
Why are military ops in Gaza, Kosovo judged by wildly disparate criteria?
( Date 01/14/2009,  Time 23:46 )

Hamas takeover good for us?
Martin Sherman offers rebuttal to Guy Bechors desire for Hamas rule in West bank
( Date 10/28/2008,  Time 18:12 )

Deceit and double standards
Lapids anti-settler article reflects supremacy of political correctness over facts
( Date 08/24/2008,  Time 17:20 )

Explaining Israel's PR failure
Our Hasbara efforts undermined by unholy trinity: Courts, media, and academia
( Date 08/18/2008,  Time 23:53 )

Post-Zionisms fatal flaw
If Israel is not Zionist, it wont be Jewish; if its not Jewish it wont be democratic
( Date 08/11/2008,  Time 12:00 )

Our terminal stupidity
Israeli government seems to be working consistently against our national interest
( Date 08/01/2008,  Time 02:01 )

Land, law and death
Martin Sherman analyzes MK Eldads call to enforce death penalty over territorial concession
( Date 06/02/2008,  Time 01:41 )

Clear and present danger
String of disastrous decisions shows that government is our greatest threat
( Date 05/28/2008,  Time 00:37 )

When craven becomes bold
Left has reinvented, inverted meaning of words in effort to mislead public
( Date 05/17/2008,  Time 15:07 )

Failing the test of history
Palestinians have attained failed state status even before it was established
( Date 04/30/2008,  Time 17:54 )

Beware of what you wish for
Arabs to pay heavy price should Israels Jewish character be nullified
( Date 02/12/2008,  Time 00:17 )

Defeating the demagogues
Amos Oz piece in favor of peace talks with Abbas delusional, detached from reality
( Date 11/24/2007,  Time 10:55 )

Are land swaps legal?
According to Israeli law, anyone advancing territorial withdrawal commits a grave crime
( Date 11/07/2007,  Time 15:28 )

Conquer or capitulate
Deterrence no longer a viable option; Israel must retake all Palestinian areas
( Date 10/15/2007,  Time 21:04 )

Blind to the danger
Former Sharon advisor's endorsement of peace conference cause for grave concern
( Date 10/01/2007,  Time 07:26 )

President and prophet?
Why is Peres urging Israelis to take a path that he himself warned was disastrous?
( Date 07/22/2007,  Time 08:37 )

Something is rotten in State of Israel
Rewarding failure is becoming the prevailing norm in Israel
( Date 06/20/2007,  Time 08:11 )

Ehud Barak: A Reality Check
Barak lacks strategic perspective, grasp of issues needed by defense minister
( Date 05/27/2007,  Time 10:45 )

Lies of the Left
Current Israeli economic success story shows prosperity, peace unrelated
( Date 05/16/2007,  Time 08:32 )

Delusion of desalination
West Bank, Golan withdrawals would put Israel's water supply at risk
( Date 04/26/2007,  Time 11:03 )

The rationale for resisting ransom
Freeing terrorists in exchange for Shalit may jeopardize more Israeli lives
( Date 04/16/2007,  Time 16:25 )

Gaza sewage nightmare
Sewage disaster in Gaza may be harbinger of Palestinian 'doomsday weapon'
( Date 04/01/2007,  Time 21:53 )

Entire world is not against us
Israel could win battle for global public opinion if it truly wanted to
( Date 03/28/2007,  Time 11:31 )

Myth of moderation
Fundamentalist Hamas, secular Fatah have same vision: Israel's destruction
( Date 03/04/2007,  Time 21:01 )

Enlightened or unhinged?
Left-wing intellectual bankruptcy has left us unwilling to truly fight the enemy
( Date 08/10/2006,  Time 07:25 )

Blunder on the right
National camp should lead campaign to draft haredi students
( Date 05/15/2006,  Time 16:40 )

Wanted: An unrealistic leader
Who is unrealistic, those who want to 'converge' or those who oppose it?
( Date 05/07/2006,  Time 09:45 )

A study in fanaticism
Olmert regime is providing definitive an example of blind, obsessive fanaticism
( Date 04/17/2006,  Time 12:10 )

Corrupt kleptocracy vs. tyrannical theocracy
It is time to re-think the conventional wisdom about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
( Date 04/03/2006,  Time 14:08 )

False symmetry
Israel produces science, hi-tech; PA produces martyrs, corruption
( Date 03/23/2006,  Time 16:48 )

Reading Palestinian intentions
There is a wide valley between factually correct and politically correct
( Date 03/09/2006,  Time 11:43 )

Israel's march of folly
When perfidy parades as patriotism
( Date 03/01/2006,  Time 09:39 )

6 months of negligence
One-by-one, the promises of disengagement have proven false
( Date 02/16/2006,  Time 22:47 )

Days of surrealism
While Sharon was being praised in NY, his Gaza pullout policy was unraveling
( Date 09/21/2005,  Time 16:24 )


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