house of lords 2007

House of lords

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US Congressional hearing

US Congress

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Promoting india-israeli relations


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left to right:
Major-General (res.) Yaacov Amidror; Dr. Martin Sherman; Jaswant Singh, head of the upper house of Parliament of India and former Minister of Defense, Finance, and External Affairs of India.





public diplomacy

  • Public Diplomacy

public diplomacy & pro-israel advocacy

Although I am not involved with party affiliated politics, I have been extremely active in engaging in pro-active public diplomacy and pro Israel activism at home and abroad.

I have published opinion pieces in most major newspapers in Israel (both in English and Hebrew) and have been interviewed on radio and TV including CNN and BBC. From 2000 to 2003, I held the position of the academic coordinator (2000-2003) of the internationally acclaimed Herzliya Conference.

I have interfaced with many prominent international authorities in wide range of disciplines. Moreover, both in a private capacity and in my current role as the academic director of the Jerusalem Summit I have been instrumental in bringing high level dignitaries from a variety of countries to Israel.  

I am on the board of several organizations such as the HESEG foundation (which provided comprehensive study grants of lone soldiers serving in the IDF) and the Washington-based EMET, Endowment for Middle East Truth.

Recently, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), working with Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO), invited me to address a Capitol Hill briefing reevaluating the Arab-Israel Peace Process. A ZOA news release was issued after the briefing.



an example of a closed conference i was invited to attend


Closed conference


an example of a india-israel panel I participated in...

India panel

Left to right: Major-General (res) Giora Eiland (former head of the Israel National Security Council); Shabtai Shavit (former head of the Mossad), Major-General (res) Yaacov Amidror (former head of Staff and Command College of the IDF); Prof Moshe Arends (former Foreign Minister and Defense Minister of Israel); Vice Admiral Alex Tal (former head of the Israeli Navy) and Dr. Martin Sherman.