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A detailed prediction, made almost a decade and a half prior to the 2005 Disengagement, of how and why Israeli withdrawal would precipitate exactly the disastrous chain of events that did indeed occur in the wake of Israel's evacuation of the Gaza Strip.

Disengagement: Diagnosing Disaster (1992)



The first Israeli-authored policy paper identifying the ascendant international stature of India, and the strategic potential of Indo-Israeli cooperation, as well as the beneficial ramifications this could have for US national interests. It accurately predicts most of the later developments on the relationships between the two nations.  

India—A Prognosis of Potential


Abu mazen

A caveat warning that Abu Mazen would not be either able or willing to "deliver the goods" in the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, and that it would be ill-advised to cultivate unrealistic illusions in this regard.

Abu Mazen: Forecasting Failure (2003)