Baroness Caroline Cox, Member of British House of Lords

Mar 21, 2011


I was extremely pleased to hear of Dr. Martin Sherman’s planned initiative for the establishment of an independent policy center within the framework of the existing Israeli academic establishment.

Due to the nature of my parliamentary and public activities I have become quite familiar with the work produced by major research centers and think-tanks both in Israel and elsewhere. I can, therefore, say with confidence that Dr. Sherman is one of the rare policy analysts I have encountered who adopts a truly strategic perspective – both in terms of his incisive policy analyses and creative policy prescriptions – in addressing issues not only of far-reaching national importance for Israel, but also of considerable global significance for the international community.

Dr. Sherman has a highly varied background, both in terms of academic training and practical experience, which facilitates his integrative multidisciplinary approach to the topics he deals with.

I have also been particularly impressed by his intellectual integrity and moral courage to adopt unpopular positions and to stick to them unflinchingly – if he believes them to be valid – despite great pressures exerted on him.

As a committed supporter of Israel I am often dismayed at the distorted and detrimental manner in which the country is portrayed in much of the academic world – including in Israel. Given my long acquaintance with Dr. Sherman, and my familiarity with his abilities and resolve, I am convinced that the implementation of his initiative will do much to redress this grave injustice to, and gross misrepresentation of Israel, to which it is undeservedly subjected in many academic circles.

I thus warmly applaud his enterprise and urge generous support to ensure its success.


Caroline Cox

October 2010