Dr. Uzi Landau – Minister of National Infrastructures

Mar 21, 2010

To whom it may concern,


The recent revelations in the national press regarding the strong post-Zionist bias and widespread exclusion of pro-Zionist views from the faculties of social science and humanities in the Israeli academe underscore the importance and urgency of Dr. Martin Sherman’s initiative to establish a policy center within the existing academic establishment to redress this grave shortcoming in Israel’s intellectual landscape.

I have known Dr. Sherman for over twenty years during which I have developed great respect and appreciation for the principled manner in which he has conducted himself on issues of Israel’s strategic interests – despite pressures from his professional milieu.

He has never compromised on his meticulously researched positions – which he has always presented both eloquently and persuasively – for the lure of greater personal gain or professional advancement.

In his analyses of ongoing events and his predictions of future outcomes, he has proved consistently more accurate than virtually all of the mainstream opinion in the Israeli academic establishment.

In view of the above, I strongly endorse Dr. Sherman’s endeavor, which will without doubt answer a dire need, and fill a critical gap in Israel’s system of higher education today.

I wish him every success in enlisting the necessary resources required to implement his goal, and hope that all those mindful of Israel’s future security will extend him their support.


Yours sincerely,

Dr. Uzi Landau