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I am currently academic director of the Jerusalem Summit which is a small think tank endeavoring to maximize its impact by focusing its efforts primarily on three major strategic avenues:

  • Reframing the paradigm for the resolution of the Palestinian Issue in humanitarian rather than political terms.

For a synopsis of this proposal, see:
(English including responses to FAQs)
(Hebrew responses to FAQs available shortly)

  • Formulating a Strategic Diplomatic Initiative to confront the advance of global Islamism,
    primarily by exposing and underscoring the heinous aspects of Gender and Creed Apartheid which characterize this radical theocratic doctrine.

  • Cultivating awareness of fact that the Evangelical Christian community
    is both a strategic ally and a strategic asset for Israel.
    This is a community which has not only demonstrated its staunch and unflinching support for the State of Israel and the People of Israel, but is also the only segment of humanity which has

(a) the spiritual energy,

(b) the numerical mass and

(c) the moral resolve to effectively confront the phenomenon of global Islamism.


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